Quality Of Education In Nepal

Education is the most powerful weapon for development. In most developed and developing countries, quality of education is one of the biggest concerns. In the majority of countries, resources are not properly allocated to solve this problem and thus, it affects the future of our students. However, quality is just one of the factors to determine the standard of education.

The Government of Nepal ensures to improve the quality of education and skill development. Education is the fundamental right of the Human and Nepalese government has proudly worked for it. It performs tasks from groundwork like primary to all the way through higher secondary and graduation level programs.

Nowadays, there are many public and private colleges available in Nepal for Higher education. However, Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University are popular destinations visited by many Indian as well as foreign students for education.

Moreover, these affiliated
medical colleges in Nepal
are offering quality education at international level. Due to its neighbouring country, India provides a large inflow of medical students to Nepalese medical colleges.

Every student strives to get better education and to provide desired quality Nepalese educational institutions took major steps to restore and improve the quality of the equation. Nevertheless, Private colleges of Nepal are much furnished and well equipped as compared to public institutions.

In Nepal, one major indicator to judge the quality of education is by measuring SEE results. Apparently it is not necessarily possible that a student who has scored high marks should provide a good contribution. They might be low at providing innovative ideas or may have moral issues. So in short, the education system and quality is neither very high nor low, it is at average level.

To uplift the standard of education and provide proper infrastructure at higher educational institutions, the government of Nepal allocates a chunk of financial support for development. At present, private and public colleges are performing well. They are committed to providing a full-fledged study environment. Foreign students are also getting good results due to the full support of experts and coordinators.

Before 1990, Tribhuvan University was the one and only university to offer higher education. The long term vision of this university is to develop skilled human resources and emphasis to improve and develop innovative study modules. Hence, a planning commission related to education has made a strategy to ensure best quality education for all Nepali and Non- Nepal students.

At present, Nepal can proudly conclude it provides A-Level education at their Nepalese colleges and universities. As of now after TU and Kathmandu University, there are more than seventy private colleges across having improved quality of education, adequate infrastructure, technical facilities, well experienced teaching faculties and teaching and many more things.

Majority of Colleges in Nepal offering graduate and Post graduate courses are affiliated with foreign universities for international exposure. However, in some education related research, students acquiring knowledge in Nepal accepted that Nepalese colleges provide high quality education and had great potential for productive results.

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